The list consists of radio stations and music for "Project 1987". Most of the radio stations are pirated radio that are broadcastd from different parts of Romania since western music is forbidden by the Communist Government. The frequency of each radio station, however, doesn't have the best sound quality because of the weak frequencies they transmit across the country. However, it is possible to obtain pirated cassete tapes that are scattered all over Romania and listen to them when in any vehicle with better quality.

NOTE: These are beta radio stations.

Radio Stations

  • Radio Basarabia: This station plays mostly Romanian music
  • East Block: Mostly Rock and Metal
  • Radio Free Romania: Contemporary music

Militia Radio Dispatch

  • Militia law enforcement dispatch only in emergency and military vehicles.


  • If you listen to the radio very loud next to any law enforcement, you get a wanted level since listening to music is prohibited.
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