Chapter 1

  • Mission 1

Erwin and his fellow agent colleagues, Aria Richter and John Tudor, arrive in Romania at night by C-130 cargo plane. Once the aircraft landed in a remote field north of a small city of Craiova, they disembark. From there, the three agents walk to their coordinates. Once they reached the coordinates, they will find a car and will be assigned their next mission.

  • Mission 2

Erwin is assigned on a mission to photograph a military base located in the forest near Balcesti. Once arrived, he must navigate through the forest until he finds the base and starts taking pictures. However, he spots something unusual: Four soldiers escorting a dead Nordic female and loading her onto a white van. Erwin must follow the van or else he will fail the mission

  • Mission 3

The white van disappears resulting in a failure of completing the mission. Erwin spots two men blocking the road. He exits the vehicle and yells at them. Erwin is knocked unconsciously.

  • Mission 4

After having waking up from a small coma, Erwin must inform about the rebel group, LPP. He brings three members with him to an outpost to meet up with his agents.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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