Chapter 1

  • Mission 1

Erwin and his fellow agent colleagues, Aria Richter and John Tudor, arrive in Romania at night by C-130 cargo plane. Once the aircraft landed in a remote field north of a small city of Craiova, they disembark. From there, the three agents walk to their coordinates. Once they reached the coordinates, they will find a car and will be assigned their next mission.

  • Mission 2

Erwin is assigned on a mission to photograph a military base located in the forest near Balcesti. Once arrived, he must navigate through the forest until he finds the base and starts taking pictures. However, he spots something unusual: Four soldiers escorting a dead Nordic female and loading her onto a white van. Erwin must follow the van or else he will fail the mission. However, the white van disappears resulting in a failure of completing the mission. Erwin spots two men blocking the road. He exits the vehicle and yells at them. Erwin is knocked unconsciously.

  • Mission 3

After having waking up from a nine-hour sleep, Erwin must inform about the rebel group, LPP to his fellow secret agents. He brings three LPP members with him to an outpost to meet up with his agents face-to-face and discuss their next move.

  • Mission 4

The next morning, Erwin is instructed to go take photographs of yet, another military base just a mile from where he was. However, Erwin looses signal resulting in the failure to follow his orders. Instead, the LPP plans on raiding a militia prescient and stealing as many weapons and then torching the place With the help of the now three double-agents. Later, they surprise attack the militia precient by shooting the remaining officers inside and loot all of their weapons and then torching it.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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