Erwin Anan is the main character of Freedom Squad, along with Aria Richter and John Tudor.

Personal Life

Erwin is believed to be born in the early 1950s in the United States. In 1974, he was forced to leave high school to join the United States Army during the peak of the Vietnam War. However, he never ended up joining since he had intentionally broken his arm so that way he can avoid joining. Ironically, in 1979 he joined the Army to leave the country so that he can get a glimpse of the world. While stationed in Korea, he was in a car accident that fatally injured him and was withdrawn from the Army. After recovering in 1980 he ended up joining the Free World Organization as a top-secret photographer since he had photography skills in the army.

In 1985, he was deployed to Guatemala to photograph a top-secret operation involving the Colombian Cartel.

Two years after staying in Central America, he and among other members were being deployed to Romania for a reconisounce mission.


Erwin Anan's ethnicity is quite confusing. He has a Japanese surname but appears Indo-European. It is believed that he could be of German or Russian ethnicity.

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