Characters in "Project 1987" Edit

  • Erwin (Protagonist): Has served in the U.S. Army for four years after being disqualified when he was injured in a car accident in 1980, however, he recovered and decided to join the FWO in 1982 to become a top secret photographer, leading up to the events of Freedom Squad.
  • Aria Richter (Second Protagonist): She joined the FWO in 1985 as an assassin. However, she doesn't talk that much, but she’s a very good marksman.
  • John Tudor (Third Protagonist): Served in the Vietnam War in 1975 as an Air Force Pilot. Joined the FWO in the early 80's as a secret agent. He has traveled to numerous communist countries such as North Korea, North Vietnam, China, and Cuba.
  • Adrian Ciobanu: Founder and main leader of the LPP
  • Mariana Ciobanu: Sister of Adrian, later becomes the leader of the LPP after her brother's execution by the communists.
  • Nikita Lupei (Main Antagonist): A narcissistic, egotistic Romanian dictator who wants to establish a nuclear program and plans on taking over the Balkan states with the help of the Soviet Union.
  • Lev Volkov (Second Antagonist): Leader of the Soviet Union who is willing to help support Nikita’s “expansion plan”.
  • Vasile Turcu: He is the Secretary of Defense of Romania.
  • Ivan Dobrescu: Turkish-Romanian Civil War veteran, a former soldier of the Socialist Military and aircraft mechanic and weapons expert. He joined the LPP in 1987.
  • Morder: Means "Murder" in German. A Romanian informant for the Securitate Romana who sets up the LPP to the Communists.
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