"Project 1987"

NOTE: This is a fictional video-game

I have not thought of a name for my fictional "game" so It will be dubbed "Project-1987" since the story and setting of the game I'm writing about takes place in the year 1987.


"Project 1987" is an open-world, third-person, sandbox game where the player can freely roam the map, steal vehicles, and weapons, and also listen to music when in vehicle. The player can switch to any of the three main characters whenever during the game after doing some of the story missions. There are also activities that corolate with the story missions where the player can complete and unlock vehicles, weapons, uniforms, and even skills.


Three American double-agents who are assigned on a dangerous reconnaissance mission to communist Romania, however, things go way off-hand when one of the agents encounters a rebel group known as the "LPP" or "Libertate Pentru Popor" which means "Liberty for the People". Their goal is to eliminate the dictator, Nikita Lupei and destroy his regime by expanding an army with the help of the three agents.


The main setting for "Project 1987" is Romania or Socialist Republic of Romania since it is set in the year 1987. "Project 1987" covers the whole map of Romania. Witihin the map, there are a hundred of Lenin Statues that the player can destroy, collect scrap for unlockables, vehicles, and so on. The biggest city is Bucharest which is the capital of Romania. In the game, you can travel anywhere in the country. There are also underground bases and tunnels.

Radio Stations in "Project 1987"

Vehicles in "Project 1987"

outside of missions.test activity

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